[PSSHL.ML] Updated & Upgraded

Yep, you saw it right! We are, in fact, really excited to bring to you the latest updates and also the recent upgrades on PSSHL.ml.

First off, I guess you already notice some changes about the menu. To increase tabs of contents, at the same time to beautify our menu, we have selected several tabs with high access rate and placed them on the horizontal menu.



Don’t be afraid. ‘Cause the others are in the vertical menu, after clicking the icon with three parallel horizontal lines or known as the naviconmenu3



Lastly, the most exciting news is: We have created our own YouTube channel! Hooray!

That means you can always follow up what’s happening in SMJK Hua Lian!


You can either log on to our channel by clicking youtube in the vertical menu

or by opening this link: https://psshl.ml/psshl-youtube-channel/.


Don’t forget to subscribe to PSSHL YouTube Channel !!! Thank you for supporting us!