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School Vision

Ke Arah Pembangunan Modal Insan Holistik Bertaraf Global.



School Mission



  • Mencapai prestasi tinggi dalam semua peperiksaan awam.

  • Dari segi kuantiti, mencapai 100% lulus.

  • Dari segi kualiti, mencapai peningkatan dalam bilangan pelajar yang mendapat semua A dalam peperiksaan awam.



  • Mencapai Sifar Dadah, Sifar Merokok, Sifar Ponteng dan Sifar Biadab dalam kalangan pelajar.



  • Dari segi kuantiti, mencapai 100% penglibatan pelajar-pelajar secara aktif dalam kegiatan Kokurikulum.

  • Dari segi kualiti, mencapai kecemerlangan dalam semua pertandingan di peringkat Daerah, Negeri dan Kebangsaan.

Pengurusan dan Kepemimpinan


  • Mewujudkan pengurusan yang berkesan, kepimpinan yang unggul serta semangat kesekeluargaan dan perpaduan dalam kalangan warga sekolah.



School Motto


  • To respect our parents and teachers, civil to our friends and obedient to our leaders.


  • To speak the truth and be ready to defend just cause without hesitation.


  • To be sincere and trustworthy and able to think and work honourably.


  • To endeavour to improve ourselves and to attain excellence in whatever we venture into.



School Logo

     The School Logo shows a plum (梅) flower with its five petals linked together surrounding the stylized Chinese character “華” (Simplified Chinese: “华”). The Chinese character represents the historical establishment of the school through an amalgamation of a few Chinese schools in the month of May 1937.

     The “梅” flower is a hardy plant whose beautiful blooms can survive even under extreme winter conditions. It consequently signifies strength of character and firm resolve in the face of adversity. The five petals linked together signifies the principle of Unity. The school badge consists of three colours. They are Red, Blue and White.


  • Red signifies Progress.

  • Blue signifies Dignity.

  • White signifies Sincerity and Purity.



School Song